Motion Control Motors

When searching for the best motor for your motion control application, Siemens is the ideal partner, regardless of the kind of motor—synchronous, induction, gearbox included or not. We have the largest portfolio in the world, which also includes motor spindles and built-in motors. Every motor in our collection is properly matched to function with a SINAMICS family frequency converter.

The widest range of motors for motion control worldwide

You can find the ideal solution for your unique needs among our extensive array of motion control motors, which come in a variety of power and performance classes and frame sizes.

Servomotors for every motion application

Protect your investment by choosing Siemens technology and experience in synchronous servo motor technology.

Siemens SIMOTICS servomotors are the best option when you need high-speed and accurate motion sequences, regardless of your application—positioning, angular synchronism, cyclic drives, or path control in machine tools. A large range of products with excellent dynamic performance, accuracy, compactness, efficiency, and ruggedness are advantageous to users. Siemens SINAMICS servo drive systems will work with you optimally thanks to the built-in type plate and DRIVE-CLiQ system interface.

Select the ideal synchronous servo motor with advantages to enhance any kind of use.

  • Wide torque range
  • Industry-leading efficiency ratings
  • Range of cooling types and protection classes
  • Various built-in transmitters
  • Integrated parking brake

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS V90 – the performance-optimized and easy-to-operate servo drive system

Simotics S-1FL6

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS S210 – the simple-to-configure servo drive system for mechanical engineering

Simotics S-1FK2 , 1FT2, 1FS2

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS S120 – the flexible, modular drive for sophisticated applications

SIMOTICS M main motors

The main motors of SIMOTICS M are made to run on converters. Compared to a traditional three-phase induction motor, they offer higher rotational accuracy and are noticeably more robust and compact. They come with absolute encoders for positioning applications in addition to incremental encoders for variable-speed operation. In simpler applications, encoder less operation is also feasible.

SIMOTICS M-1PH8 main motors

SIMOTICS L linear motors

For optimal productivity, Siemens SIMOTICS L linear motors can attain traversal velocities exceeding 1200 m/min and maximum forces of up to 20,700 N. 1FN3 motors are unique linear motors featuring magnetic secondary sections that stand out for their high force density and dynamic capabilities.

SIMOTICS T torque motors

The precision, performance, and dynamic responsiveness of every Siemens torque motor meet the highest requirements; this is particularly true when the torque motor is incorporated into a complete system solution. High-pole count permanent-magnet synchronous motors are totally integrated into the machine, eliminating the need for gearboxes and other mechanical gearbox components. You gain from reduced space requirements, easy maintenance, excellent availability, and increased installation flexibility.

Motor spindles from WEISS Spindeltechnologie GmbH – A Siemens company

You can use motor spindles to your machine tools to maximise efficiency and accuracy. They enable peak efficiency and the quality of the workpiece. The maximum rigidity and compact size of the mechanically integrated motor solutions are prerequisites for the greatest speeds and exact concentricity.

Individual solutions for special applications

There are situations where using application-specific solutions is not an option. We extend it to you: With years of experience, we collaborate with our clients to develop and execute application-specific motor solutions that are precisely matched to your needs in terms of both performance and design. Furthermore, you gain from our converter and control landscape’s high degree of integration.

Accessories for motion control motors

Siemens Industry increases your productivity and lowers overall installation costs by integrating optimal efficiency throughout the network. For your motion control applications, choose from our specially designed products, such as measuring systems and MOTION-CONNECT connection systems. This makes it easier to create and commission your system solutions for the majority of jobs related to the building of machinery and plants.

SIMOGEAR geared motors

Geared motors from SIMOGEAR are the ideal choice for any drive system. Our extensive selection of geared motors guarantees that you will locate the ideal solution to meet your unique needs. Because of the new SIMOGEAR series’ extensive range of gearbox units and their incredibly versatile and small size, you may take advantage of the maximum level of versatility in particular. Servo geared motors for motion control applications are another product in our portfolio.

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