The new servo drive SINAMICS S210 – More features, more possibilities

The new SINAMICS S210 servo drive system is setting higher standards for dynamic applications in many industries thanks to improved hardware and software as well as integrated safety and technology functions. The SINAMICS S210 system consists of a servo drive and a servo motor and is designed for solutions with high dynamics in the power range from 50 W to 7 kW. Discover your possibilities.

Universal. Precise. Safe.

Main applications of the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system in particular are machines for packaging, handling such as pick & place, wood and ceramics processing, as well as a digital printing and many additional application areas.


  • SINAMICS S210 is flexible and versatile. They move light loads with a high dynamic performance – and average and large loads very precisely
  • In conjunction with the technological functions of the higher-level controller, there are many possibilities of motion. To reduce the load on the controller, positioning can also be carried out directly in the drive with the basic positioner (EPOS) (from V6.3).
  • The SINAMICS S210 servo drive has an integrated PROFINET IRT (Isochronous Real Time) communications interface for connecting to a control system. Alternatively, from V6.3 onwards, the drive can also be connected to a third-party control system via EtherNet/IP.


  • Low moment of inertia and high overload capability of the motor
  • High-resolution encoders with fast sensing and additional 2nd encoder interface for a direct measuring system
  • Short cycle times on the machine are possible even with complex motion control


  • Standard safety concept Safety Integrated. Machine safety for operating and maintenance personnel.
  • Integrated safety functions: STO, SBC, SS1-t (time controlled), SS1*, SS2*, SOS*, SLS*, SSM*, SDI*, SLA*, SBT* (*can be optionally activated using a license)
  • Seamless implementation of safety functions in accordance with SIL 2 (EN 61508) and PL d (EN ISO 13849-1), the new SINAMICS S210 in SIL3 (EN 61508) and PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)

Full flexibility for plant, system and machine concepts

Security Integrated – Innovation of the new SINAMICS S210

To harden our drives even more against cyber-attacks, the new SINAMICS S210 offers secure factory default settings, individual user management and also secure communication between the servo drive and the TIA Portal engineering system. This is complemented by access control along with integrity and authentication checks to prevent manipulated firmware from being installed.

When using the Startdrive engineering software for commissioning (TIA Portal) or using the integrated web server, a wizard guides you through the most important security-relevant settings.

Differentiation of SINAMICS S200, S210 and S120 System Technical comparison

S210 Technical Data

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