SIVACON and ALPHA low-voltage distribution systems

Smart building trends need for adaptable systems and products with communication features. The complexity of standard requirements is increasing in tandem with the acceleration of project cycles and business procedures in the switchgear building industry. We assist the entire process with our innovative SIVACON and ALPHA distribution systems for low-voltage power distribution.


SIVACON S4 power distribution boards (NF technology)

ALPHA distribution boards

DIN Technology

ALPHA UNIVERSAL distribution boards

NF Technology


Small distribution boards

Your benefits of low-voltage distribution systems at a glance

  • Powerful electrical distribution systems and innovative components from a single source
  • High safety level for people and equipment, thanks to type-testing in accordance with IEC 61439
  • Modular design of electrical power distribution systems allows for flexible installation
  • Simplified assembly and optimized inventory control, thanks to the rigorous use of standardized parts
  • Software support increases productivity throughout the value-added process

ALPHA 3200 Eco power distribution system for modern power distribution

The ALPHA 3200 Eco power distribution system is engineered to satisfy the demands of contemporary building infrastructure power distribution. A new system idea and digital engineering result in a shorter project duration.

Ressource saving.  

  • 30 % copper savings due to central positioned busbar
  • Optimimized up to In 3.200 A and 2.000 kVA transformer


  • Increased planning safety due to 3D engineering
  • Application related certifications


  • High packing density
  • High functionality in a small space  due to flexibility of ALPHA assembly kits

Main components

  1. 3WA circuit breaker technology
  2. Universal mounting design 3VA
  3. 3WA bus coupler
  4. 3NJ4 in-line fuse switch disconnector
  5. Cross-wiring compartment
  6. ALPHA 8GK installation technology
  7. Transformer measurement

dependable power source with low-voltage distribution systems for failsafe building management

Low-voltage distribution systems and a dependable power source form the basis of effective building management. The design of power distribution systems is becoming more and more complicated as renewable energy sources are included and building automation rises. The complexity is increased by the numerous specifications put out by standards for energy efficiency and safe system operation. The perfect option for completely safe and effective power distribution is represented by our array of power distribution systems, distribution boards, creative components, and auxiliary software tools.

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