Power for security

Achieving proper cyber-resilience requires a lengthy and complex process. Allow us to assist you in safeguarding your company as we safeguard ours.

Enhancing Your Posture In Cybersecurity

Improving your cybersecurity posture is essential to creating a more secure environment because hackers are becoming more creative and because digitalization, interconnection, and IIoT are accelerating the convergence of IT and industry.

Important fixes:

  • Risk assessments, technical vulnerability assessments, and IT and OT gap assessments
  • Development of IT and OT Security Programmes and ISMS/CSMS advising that complies with regional and industry requirements
  • application of protection strategies adapted to certain requirements
  • creation of playbooks and drills for business continuity and catastrophe recovery plans

Finding Areas For Cybersecurity Enhancement

It’s critical to recognize your vulnerabilities so that you can take the necessary precautions to prevent production disruptions, reputational damage, and expenses related to successful hacks.

Important fixes:

  • To ascertain the safety status of individual parts, complete systems, or industrial networks, security testing solutions combine the broadest range of testing instruments.
  • Risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are identified through asset inventories and assessments.
  • Pentesting to identify and validate potential attack routes
  • Analysis of organisations and processes to safeguard the entire OT/IT ecosystem

Handling Risks And Weaknesses

An attack that is successful can result from a poorly contextualised prioritisation of the vulnerabilities that actually constitute a threat. Effective patching prevents critical vulnerabilities from being unnoticed until it’s too late by using actionable, carefully selected vulnerability intelligence.

Important fixes:

  • Using creative curation of intelligence not offered by traditional security solutions, you can guarantee the safe operation of your IT and OT infrastructure.
  • Monitor and address vulnerabilities that impact your application dependencies across the whole lifecycle of your product.
  • Get customisable integration options and high-quality vulnerability information customised for your context.
  • To reduce security and compliance issues, replace components on time before they reach the end of their useful lives.