Better outcomes are more likely in a pleasant setting since the next big idea requires a clear head. With Siemens Xcelerator and our digital products and services for life science labs, you get precisely that. Integrated digital laboratory solutions can help you reduce energy consumption, improve comfort, and give your staff a safe, effective, and compliant work environment.

Life science labs that use digital solutions must take a comprehensive strategy.

For laboratories, SIEMENS created these digital solutions in order to maximise efficiency while allowing for maximum flexibility in the event that room layout or use changes in the future. To fully realise the potential for safety, efficiency, and simplicity, targeted networked laboratory infrastructures, ongoing information exchange, and simple data access via a single interface are essential. You can expedite your study by using the digital twin, BIM (Building Information Modelling), and CDE (Common Data Environment) to cut the design phase by up to 80%.

Boost both your business and your outcomes.

The greatest operational efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings are achieved through the integrated control and monitoring of laboratory fume hoods and rooms. In addition, early fire detection, guided operation, and evacuation in dangerous situations ensure the safety of people and property in research labs and explosive risk areas. In summary, a unified lab solution that integrates lighting, ventilation, and blinds furnishes your staff with a cosy workspace.

Prepare for the challenges of the future with the Smart Lab Ecosystem.

You get a comprehensive infrastructure package for the adaptable combination of room segments, devices, and sensors with the Smart Lab Ecosystem. It provides you with an agile solution for all workflow needs and the best possible combination of digital and mechanical solutions, tailored to the specifications of data-driven services and flexible rooms. By using a digital twin, you can save up to 50% on energy consumption, installation and commissioning time, and enjoy an up to 80% speedier design phase. Furthermore, secure Remote Services help you reduce downtime in the unlikely event of a malfunction.


Find the right solutions for your laboratory

1. HVAC control

Our primary focus has always been on providing customised laboratory solutions with dependable ventilation and climatic parameter control and monitoring. We combine this with the lowest possible energy efficiency, excellent quality, high dependability, and minimal installation and operating expenses. Among the HVAC projects we have completed are:

  • Precise, modulating magnetic valves that allow for drop-by-drop accuracy
  • Controls for dynamic volume flow and pressure
  • Temperature and humidity sensor calibration

2. Lighting

A fundamental part of our lab solution is demand-driven lighting and shading control for your life science lab. Our laboratory control systems and building automation are ideal for making large energy savings. By doing this, you can reach energy efficiency class A, which is often only attained by the most automated structures.

3. Access control

Our access control solutions give you a visual picture of everyone in and around your life science lab while centrally recording user actions. They compile data from plant and maintenance records, personnel files, and the access control server. Real-time access history is shown. They are able to determine whether to provide someone entry to a specific place at a specific time based on the information provided.

4. Fire safety

In research laboratories, personnel and equipment require the highest level of protection. The earliest fire detection is made possible by S-LINE fire detectors, and SinorixTM fire suppression offers the ideal solutions to combat a wide range of fire types. It also aids in more environmentally friendly operation because it extinguishes using only natural gas.

5. Fume hood control

Fume hood exhaust volume fluxes can significantly affect a laboratory’s energy usage, depending on how the room is set up. This volume flow can be adjusted to match the current demand by measuring and adjusting the front sash opening. In addition, extra energy savings are provided by the front sash’s automatic closing while the control lab system is not in operation, which can help you save money and increase sustainability.

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