The Future Lies In Chemistry

The world is powered by the chemical industry. Furthermore, new technology, globalisation, and climate change are changing the world. It need trailblazers and forward-thinking partners. For increased flexibility, optimum plant availability, and more efficient operations. Utilising a cohesive portfolio for thorough digitalization across the course of a plant’s life. Influence the future.

Process Optimization In The Chemical Industry: Make The Most Of Your Changing Options!

We provide the chemical industry with a clear perspective, so that you can be certain that your plants and your business continue operating, including in the world of tomorrow, thanks to digitalization expertise and a lively partnership, proven technology for chemical production, and sustainable solutions that can be seamlessly integrated – real, digital, everywhere. What topics will help you to advance? Get valuable ideas and inspiration!

  1. Portfolio:Fresh choices with a well-thought-out portfolioProcess monitoring in chemical production is made feasible by digitalization, which makes all assets visible and controllable at all times, from the level of individual sensors and actuators to that of field devices. For the chemical sector, these prospects are unlocked by our comprehensive portfolio. Take charge of everything!
  2. Digitalization: Your digitalization opportunitiesYou’re expected to perform more even when there aren’t enough resources. Digitalization offers a focused and long-lasting solution. The data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is enormous. Your plant will be available and efficient thanks to the Digital Enterprise’s intelligent collection, comprehension, and application of this data. Let’s merge the virtual and physical realms!
  3. SustainabilityAccountability for sustainabilityOur motivations are resource conservation and environmental preservation. We assume responsibility for the next generation in chemistry. When it comes to using limited fossil fuels and raw materials wisely, the chemical sector is a true innovator and role model. Let’s get even better and more sustainable together!
  4. Safety: Plant safety and environmental protectionChemical manufacturing can now operate plants without any failures and with complete safety for people, equipment, and the environment thanks to digitalization. Coordinated approaches to industrial security provide the dependable defence against emerging threats that the digital age demands. Be cautious!

The Chemical Industry Is A Pioneer. The Future Is Created Here:

Biorefinery: Eco-Friendly Source Of Raw Materials And Fuel

A Cheap, Independent, And Sustainable Substitute For Fossil Fuels Is Biomass.

This alternative raw material is processed and transformed into biofuel or other useful commodities by biorefineries, also known as green refineries. We provide you with digital solutions so that your plant’s operations can function as effectively, sustainably, and flexibly as feasible.

Fertilizer: Reduce Emissions And Increase Energy Efficiency In Production

One of the chemical industry’s most energy-intensive processes is the creation of fertilizer.

There is a lot of opportunity for improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions through digitalization and process optimization. Benefit from our extensive portfolio for the manufacture of fertiliser, energy balancing, and future planning.

Recycling: Using Waste To Create Useful Goods

The chemical industry aspires to a circular economy based on sustainability.

Together, let’s recycle as much waste as possible, including plastic, used tires, and old batteries, and let’s seize any chance for growth with digital technology to create a brighter future.

Fine And Speciality Chemicals: Accurately And Internationally Service Markets

Process streamlining and paperless batch manufacturing to increase productivity and adaptability
Specialty and fine chemical manufacturers are under mounting cost pressure and more demanding demands from the market. This implies that they must accomplish greater, proven quality while still being effective and adaptable. Digitalized, intelligent batch production is the answer to all processes throughout the value chain.

Hydrogen: Assistance Throughout The Whole Value Chain

Hydrogen-capable parts for digitization, automation, and electrification

Our goal is to support you as you make the switch to clean energy. Siemens is a supplier of essential parts for digitalization, automation, and electrification. We assist process OEMs, EPCs, and end users in the construction and operation of equipment modules or complete facilities along the hydrogen value chain with our hydrogen-enabled portfolio.

Tank Farms: Optimize Processes – Sustainably

Digital Enterprise and Digital Supply Chain

When your business needs help transferring and storing precious materials at a tank farm in a safe and effective manner, we are here to help. observing emission thresholds, streamlining delivery, and preventing leaks. Throughout the whole lifecycle of your tank farm or tank terminal, digitise your procedures.