The compact synchronous motors for motion control

Compact and extremely dynamic permanent-magnet synchronous motors, SIMOTICS S-1FK2 / S-1FT2 servomotors are designed to fulfil a variety of applications in an industrial setting. Their high power density, level of protection, and overload capabilities define them. To provide a flexible, quick, and safe connection to the converter, the motors are attached using rotatable connectors and prefabricated wires.

Servomotors for every motion task

Siemens’ SIMOTICS servomotors offer superior dynamic performance, precision, compact design, and durability for a variety of applications, including positioning, angular synchronism, cyclic drives, and path control. These applications include machine tools, robotics and handling systems, packaging, plastics and textile machinery, as well as wood, glass, ceramic, and stone processing machinery.

  • High degree of efficiency and triple overload capability
  • High dynamic portfolio with an even lower intrinsic moment of inertia
  • Compact design regarding overall length and connection system
  • Low torque ripple: smooth running operation for good process quality
  • 22 bit encoder: absolute singleturn or multiturn as standard
  • Easy to mount using the rotatable plug connector with SPEED-CONNECT quick release coupling
  • Digital DRIVE-CLiQ interface with rugged M17 round connector
  • Optimal connection to SINAMICS S120 using an electronic nameplate

For demanding applications, S-1FT2 also offers the following benefits and additional options

  • High-resolution optical 26-bit encoder for even higher precision and dynamic performance
  • Optional versions for application conditions with increased environmental requirements
  • Increased maximum speeds
  • Additional optimized versions for higher and lower rated speeds

Overview of the product range

Depending on your needs for dynamic performance, control responsiveness, accuracy, and space constraints, you can select from three different moment of inertia versions of our SIMOTICS S-1FK2/S-1FT2 servomotors.

High Dynamic

Low intrinsic inertia enables the highest dynamic response for applications requiring a high dynamic performance with few moving masses.


a very compact design, medium to high masses to be moved with a medium intrinsic moment of inertia, and precise, stable closed-loop control.

High Inertia

Version with high intrinsic moment of inertia for robust closed-loop control with high and variable load inertias

Scaling sustainability impact

The industry of the future is efficient, productive and sustainable. With our drive systems including motors and digital solutions, your production will be more environmentally friendly as well as energy and resource efficient.

Technical data S-1FK2 & 1FT2

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