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The high-pole permanently excited SIMOTICS torque motors are convincing in all rotational axes.

SIMOTICS torque motors – highest precision for rotary axes

The motors don’t need any mechanical gearbox components because they are fully integrated into the machine. As a result, you need less space, have more room for installation, need less maintenance, and have maximum availability. Additionally, a direct connection improves the system’s dynamics and control quality and guarantees high torques at the best speed and precision for extremely productive machines. There are two sorts of motors you can pick from, depending on the application.

SIMOTICS T-1FW3 complete torque motors – for applications with high torques

Complete torque motors, which comprise of an electric motor, gearbox, or belts, are permanent magnet AC synchronous motors that are used to replace hydraulic and traditional electric drives. When used as direct drives, they work best in applications where the torque range is between 100 and 7.000 Nm at 50 and 1.800 rpm.
Factory-assembled torque motors are supplied fully assembled.

With torque arms designed especially for this purpose, the incredibly small, water-cooled SIMOTICS T-1FW3 full torque motors are flanged to the machine. The rotor and machine shaft can be coupled more easily with the addition of an optional clamping element. It is easy and safe to connect to the motor with the pre-installed mounting kit, which includes the torque arm, clamping element, and centering sleeve (only for hollow shafts). This results in a drive train that is flawlessly rigid and controllable.

SIMOTICS T-1FW6 built-in torque motors – for applications with very high torques and high precision

Liquid-cooled or self-cooled, high-pole, permanent-excitation, three-phase synchronous motors with a hollow shaft rotor are the motors used in built-in torque applications. The motors are included as integrated parts. An encoder system and a bearing are further requirements for a whole driving unit.

The stator and rotor of SIMOTICS T-1FW6 built-in torque motors are provided as separate parts and are installed into the machine immediately. They come with integrated cooling as well as a jacket. In addition, the motors take a lot less space than traditional drives and function without the need of any mechanical gearbox components, such as a gearbox or coupling. Machine failures are minimised by the compact design and low number of installed parts, which also lower maintenance and stock stocking costs and the number of interfaces.

Technical overview

System overview of SIMOTICS torque motors

SIMOTICS T benefits & applications

The benefits and areas of application of SIMOTICS torque motors at a glance
  • Highest precision, power and dynamic performance
  • Various application-specific versions
  • Direct controllability; no elasticities in the drive train
  • Low space requirement and simplified maintenance as the motor can be directly integrated into the machine structure without having to use mechanical transmission elements
  • High number of poles for high torques at low speeds
  • Short acceleration times and very high smooth running characteristics
  • High degree of efficiency
  • High degree of availability



  • Process industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Marine solutions
  • Metal forming


  • Rotary indexing machines
  • Rotary indexing tables and partial machines
  • Rotary axes (A/B/C for 5-axis machining centers)
  • Workpiece spindles
  • Roll and cylinder drives
  • Test stands

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