Now, BRAUMAT is even more adaptable, dependable, and efficient. The process control system by SIEMENS delivers the newest technology, intelligent maintenance, and readily adaptable power management solutions. It is also totally scalable. The optimal transparency of all your processes is a result of the convergence of IT and OT. Put differently, you have everything that brewers will need both now and in the future. Alpha Drives Ltd. can provide this software to our customers.

The Inventive Brewing Industry Process Control System

BRAUMAT builds on more than 40 years of experience and offers solutions for the most recent requirements. It is now even more adaptable, effective, and dependable and is well recognised as a tried-and-true, forward-thinking brewery process control system. This is partly because of the control level provided by SIMATIC S7-1500, which is fully supported in addition to SIMATIC S7-400. This implies that you gain from several process control features that completely support the brewing process, including integrated operation with SIMATIC S7-400, and effective engineering with TIA Portal. It’s a secure long-term investment that’s quick, dependable, and adaptable.

Simple To Use

BRAUMAT is simple to use and provides just the features you require for combining and preparing recipes-based cuisine

Smooth Growth

Scalable: It can function as the smallest, most complete process control system in a craft brewery or as the perfect automation solution for establishments of any size.

Complete Openness

You can always obtain the most recent reports with BRAUMAT. You can also benefit from a fully established MES/MOM system with the optional connection to SIMATIC Opcenter.

The Process Control System That Is Easily Scalable To Meet All Needs In The Brewing Sector

You may tailor your process automation system using the BRAUMAT portfolio to your brewery’s unique needs, regardless of how big or small.

Everything Required By A Process Control System

BRAUMAT is a scalable and modular process control system that makes use of reliable SIMATIC software and hardware. Because of the server redundancy, it provides a modern distributed client/server architecture and increases availability. It is simple to swiftly extend and optimise plants while they are still in operation because to scalability, which can handle everything from a small lab system to a massive plant network, and effective plant-wide engineering.

Easy Recipe Control And Modification

With no programming knowledge required, modifications can be implemented and access granted while the system is operating thanks to the Recipe Editor. To give the ideal overview, it graphically shows the actions that have already been taken and those that still need to be taken. Time can be saved by readily reusing established procedures and individual steps in the recipes, which are organised and kept hierarchically.

Historical Data Visualisation

You can instantly view historical data by pressing a button in Replay Mode. It’s as easy as using a video player, which facilitates defect investigations and production process optimisation. Prolonged periods of archiving are possible because of optimised data recording.

Modify Orders Flexibly

You can modify orders to fit your capacity and the real demand, all thanks to smart order management. Production plans can be imported more easily thanks to interfaces to current planning systems, and the bulk function allows you to create orders of the same type in bulk.

Comprehensive Reports At The Press Of A Button

Batch reports automatically generated by the system help you optimize production. You also have the option to generate your own reports using Excel and obtain expanded reports for greater transparency using an SQL database like PowerBI.

Contemporary Visualization Choices

With Web Process Screens, visualizations are expanded to take advantage of new Web technology capabilities. They let you install more clients at no additional cost and provide you access to the system from anywhere at any time. Future-proof design and the strictest security standards guard access. It is possible to add Web-based functionality one after the other.

Monitoring And Tracing Lots

Operators may track raw materials and trace products throughout the whole manufacturing process with this initial step towards Web-based tracking and tracing of production batches. Web technology provides time- and location-independent access through any browser, together with current and efficient user-friendliness (installation-free).

Completely Automated Material Transfers

Route Control, which comes with high-availability SIMATIC S7-1500 H controllers as of BRAUMAT V8.1, allows for a fully automated material flow between storage and production. It recognises obstructions in the intricate network of pipelines and, if required, chooses a different path, much like a navigation system. Production routes become transparent and time and energy are saved as a result.

Simple Access To Information Technology Systems

Through standard interfaces, BRAUMAT facilitates the sharing of process data with higher-level IT systems. It offers support for an integrated OPC UA server, an optional SQL server, and a standardised Opcenter Execution Process interface.

See The Highlights Of Version 8.1 Of BRAUMAT.

A plethora of beneficial enhancements are available for your process control system with BRAUMAT Version 8.1. If you’re currently on V8.0, you can get an update for nothing!

1. More adaptability in project sizes and PLC use

You are able to take advantage of our SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers’ full-service offering thanks to the adjustable S7 project sizes. Additional units can be added for a further extension, and more decentralized automation and control can be implemented because of the distributed PLC design. A buffer-equipped 24-volt power supply can be utilised to expand the PLC’s reserve memory.

2. OPC UA facilitates easier access to process data

Because of the additional features added to the OPC UA DA server, BRAUMAT is becoming more and more open. Security standards can be used to encrypt communication, and external programs running on different PCs can now gain access. OPC UA DA tags can only allow read access, but they can also be written and read.

3. Easier to use and more intuitive

BRAUMAT is moving more and more towards the web. Take advantage of Web-based recipe management’s easy-to-use and convenient operation by accessing it through a browser without the need for installation. With shared data management, utilising both the Windows programme and the Web version in simultaneously is simple.

4. Integrating Opcenter Execution Process standardly

Unrestricted communication between the IT and OT levels is made possible by expanded, integrated connectivity to the Opcenter Execution Process. This guarantees a more stable and dependable connectivity while lowering integration expenses and effort. It provides basic batch generation, batch parameter handling, batch status information exchange, and material movement tracking applications.

New Features In BRAUMAT V8.0 SP2

1. Assistance with the redundant CPU S7-1518HF PLC

Important production processes are much more reliable when the redundant PLC S7-1518HF CPU is supported. For the first time, highly available CPUs are supported with SP2. This greatly raises the system’s already excellent levels of robustness and reliability.

2. Viewer for Route Control

The new Route Control View offers a network plan-style graphical depiction of potential product transfer routes, from the source unit (location) to the destination unit (location), including all sub-routes. This makes it possible to rapidly and easily understand how a Route Control System is configured and the routes that result.

3. MES connectivity that is integrated

Siemens’ manufacturing operations management (MOM) system, Opcenter Execution Process, includes a Batch Integration Layer (BIL) component. With the new Opcenter Execution Process Interface feature, BRAUMAT/SISTAR may be connected to this system.

Tasks in Opcenter Execution Process can be used to generate batches in BRAUMAT/SISTAR via the interface, and Opcenter Execution Process can track the batch’s progress. The SISTAR MES API and the new DB-Connector database component are used to transport the required data between the systems.

What Alpha Drives Ltd. Can Do

Alpha Drives Ltd. uses the SIEMENS BRAUMAT process control system to enhance manufacturing efficiency and ensure consistent product quality. This advanced system integrates with existing infrastructure, automating complex workflows and reducing manual interventions. BRAUMAT provides real-time insights into production metrics, enabling proactive maintenance and swift anomaly response. By leveraging BRAUMAT, Alpha Drives Ltd. improves operational efficiency and upholds high-quality standards and sustainable practices.

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