Variable frequency drives for every drive application

SINAMICS variable frequency drives enable the operation of synchronous or induction motors in any application. Our integrated safety drives can be decentralized, mounted on walls, or centrally put in control cabinets. They perform with energy-saving efficiency, whether for pumping, ventilating, transporting, positioning, processing, or milling.

Low Voltage

The all-arounder must meet the specifications for all drives that use low voltage motors. Energy recovery and non-energy recovery frequency converters are appropriate for a wide variety of applications. For instance, when materials need to be positioned, treated, pumped, or compressed. In addition to saving energy, variable-speed operation improves process availability and quality.

Medium Voltage 

MV drive converters that operate at motor voltages between 1.4 and 13.8 kV. If the necessary drive power and/or voltage is too high for low-voltage drive solutions, medium-voltage drive converters are utilised for high-voltage motors. They are also utilised, although, to handle unique applications.

Servo Drives

The highest dynamic requirements for single and multi-axis applications are met by these servo drives. The experts in machine tools, packaging equipment, rolling mills, cranes, test stands, material handling, robots, and several other applications requiring highly precise and dynamic motion control.


DC converters

DC drives have been proving their worth in daily use for many years. Thanks to its dynamic performance, ruggedness, and cost-effectiveness, DC technology continues to be the most favorably priced drive solution for many applications today – with numerous advantages in terms of reliability, operating convenience, and operational performance.

What are the advantages of SINAMIC FREQUENCY CONVERTERS

  • Energy saving – the motor only supplies the power that the process requires at any point in time.
  • Changes to process parameters can be responded to significantly faster than with mechanical actuators.
  • After a short line supply failure, a motor controlled from a frequency converter can continue to operate – even without a torque surge.
    Result: process availability and product quality increase significantly Not only this, the complete mechanical system is protected against overload.

Function of variable frequency drives, their installation and commissioning

Variable frequency drives software/firmware

The SINAMICS Drive Software ensures that our SINAMICS frequency converters operate smoothly and reliably. It offers comprehensive functionality, is easily expandable and enables the greatest possible flexibility for a wide range of applications.

CAE/CAD data for installing frequency converters

Our VFD drives can be mounted on walls or panels, placed centrally in control cabinets, or placed centrally (on motors).

This is where you can get info for variable frequency drives straight from the manufacturer.

With the SIEMENS Product Configurator, you may access CAD data, including 2D dimension drawings and 3D models, by just entering the converter article number.

Engineering converters

Configuring, commissioning, engineering, and parameterizing with efficiency and user-friendliness. You may maximise the performance and power of your frequency converter system, and consequently your entire drive, by using intelligent engineering tools.

Digitalization in drive technology

Get started building your digital manufacturing right now for increased dependability, efficiency, and transparency. To increase productivity and competitiveness, use the digitalization portfolio’s solutions to visualise and analyse your drive data.

Motors and converters – welcome to the digital world

​Drive technology’s digitalization portfolio offers solutions for virtualization and simulation, dimensioning and configuration, connectivity, data analysis, and services. These solutions transform drive data into insightful knowledge and increase the availability and efficiency of your machines and plants. For instance, learn about creative virtualization solutions, useful engineering and selection tools, and an array of networking options and analytic apps. Take use of digitalization now to optimise manufacturing and processes based on data.

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