Alpha Drives Ltd. selected as a Siemens SIVACON S4 Partner

As operator safety is paramount its robust design has a compartmentalized form where the devices are safely located in individual compartments that enable the SIVACON S4 system to achieve Arc containment to IEC 61641.

Universal. Precise. Safe.

SIVACON S4 and ALPHA UNIVERSAL distribution systems are engineered to fulfill these heightened criteria and address a wide range of infrastructure applications up to 6,300 A. The adaptable and modular SIVACON S4 power distribution board offers validated solutions conforming to IEC 61439 standards. ALPHA UNIVERSAL distribution boards feature a cost-effective platform structure that simplifies configuration and assembly processes. Both SIVACON and ALPHA UNIVERSAL distribution boards seamlessly integrate with innovative SENTRON protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices.


Streamlined assembly and inventory management due to extensive use of standardized components.

Productivity gains across the value-added process with software support.


Arc Containment to IEC 61641

Degrees of Protection IP30, 31, 40, 41, 55


Enhanced safety for both people and equipment, validated through type-testing compliant with IEC 61439 standards.

Flexible installation facilitated by the modular design.

Full flexibility for plant, system and machine concepts

Security Integrated – Innovation of the new SINAMICS S210

The SIMARIS configuration software aids in system configuration, calculation, and documentation. Certified distribution systems and cutting-edge components ensure superior system availability and safety for both personnel and equipment. Panel builders benefit from increased productivity through data-driven engineering approaches.


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