Elevate Your Performance. The improved Booksize SINAMICS S220

Small and astute. Boost Your Energy! The SINAMICS S220 Booksize servo drive system advances you to the newest level smoothly. With even more compact motor modules across the board in addition to new Smart Line Modules including digitalization.


An established system with a new the name: SINAMICS S220

Under the cutting-edge SINAMICS S220,  well-proven servo drive technology, SINAMICS S120, is carried over with new motor modules for the Booksize versions. New motor modules offer improved overload capacity, stability, efficiency, and space savings.

Space savings

Thanks to the integrated fan, you may reduce module width and height by up to 50%, freeing up critical space in the control cabinet. Upkeep and replacement of fans continue to be simple. Would you prefer it to be even smaller? We are able to offer even more space-saving marvels that are unmatched in terms of performance with our new Slim Modules.

Optionally increased overload capacity

Our new motor modules boast an overload capacity of up to 300%.

Improved stability

Our motor modules are now even more stable – for you, this means even easier handling thanks to interference-resistant connections and faster, simpler wiring in an even smaller space.

This is where the future starts: rethinking driving systems

Ready for the Internet of Things? Digitalization for us means digital applications such as SINAMICS DriveSim Basic, Industrial Edge, Analyze MyDrives, and engineering tools like the TIA Selection Tool and SINAMICS Startdrive. With all these tools, you can quickly and easily determine how your drive system performs best.


Redefining Small

Creating an entirely new drive family takes time to develop. We now present SIEMENS’ new motor modules for the Booksize design. Redefining compactness is the slogan! Our assurance? tiny in proportion. large in scope of execution. Check out our growing portfolio for yourself.

remarkably lightweight, strong, and adaptable. Our new motor modules are compatible with the SINAMICS S120 driving system and fit into every nook and cranny. Combining SINAMICS S120 modules allows for mixed operation with:

  • Control Unit CU320-2 (≥ Firmware V5.2 SP3 HF10) for SINAMICS
  • SIMATIC Drive Controller (V5.2 SP3 HF10) with SINAMICS Integrated Firmware

Single Motor Modules

  • 85 A/132 A/200 A (C- and D-Type)
  • 60 A (C-Type)
  • 24 A/30 A (D-Type)
  • 30 A slim (C- und D-Type)

Double Motor Modules

  • 2 x 9 A (D-Type)
  • 2 x 18 A slim (C- and D-Type)

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