Innomotics Geared motors

Precise and powerful drive systems for the optimum flexibility

Innomotics Geared motors

You’re guaranteed to find the ideal product for your requirements thanks to our wide selection of geared motors. You will gain most from the new Innomotics Geared Motors’ capacity to provide the maximum degree of flexibility because of their small design, complete adaptability, and large selection of gear units. In addition, we offer servo-geared motors for Motion Control uses.

Converter world motor Innomotics

The new Converter World Motor Innomotics, which is completely compatible with SINAMICS frequency converters, is what we are introducing. This geared motor has an efficiency class of IE3, is designed to operate with a converter, and comes in power ranges of 0.37 kW to 55 kW. It is referred regarded as a “world motor” since all major international certificates of approval are compatible with its single motor winding. The motor is designed to operate at its peak efficiency at all line voltages, ranging from 380 V to 480 V. It goes without saying that it is integrated with products like Drive Technology Configurator, TIA Selection Tool, and TIA Portal.

Innomotics Geared motors

Our geared motors have been designed for optimum usability and maximum flexibility. With high power density, high gear ratios, high energy efficiency and fine torque scaling, we offer drive systems with the highest performance.

Innomotics Motor systems

With the wide range of geared motors offered by Innomotics, you can always find the ideal geared motor to fit your exact needs. We’ve added even more to our offering: the TIA Selection Tool now allows you to pair Innomotics gearboxes with a larger variety of SIMOTICS motors to create a single, comprehensive package that solves all of your problems. The programme makes it simple to configure the entire system because it calculates and approves every possible motor combination based on factors like mechanics, geometry, and temperature conditions. This one-package solution has an easy ordering and delivery process.

Innomotics geared motors playing a role

When combined with PLCs, motors, converters, and specialised software, Innomotics enables a broad range of applications across numerous sectors.

Innomotics Geared Motor stands for

  • Highest Performance: With high power density, high gear ratios, high efficiency and fine torgue grading.
  • Fully integrated solution: With a strong experience to offer fully integrated solution in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal for monitoring and evaluation of your processes.
  • Productivity: Innomotics geared motors are offer solutions for your business and increase your profitability.

The Innomotics portfolio is extensive and you always find a perfect geared motor that precisely meets your requirements. Innomotics geared motor is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Innomotics : fit for digitalization

Whatever the industry, drives are what make things happen. And in terms of digitalization, drive systems are the ideal location to start. Since innomotics is a component of the entire drive train, our MindSphere apps can be used to visualise and analyse the states of geared motors, converters, and driven loads. It gives you useful information that you can use to streamline your operations and service and maintenance plan.

How do you benefit when you evaluate and monitor processes?

  • You reduce your total costs and shorten time to market
  • You increase the security of your investment
  • You sustainably improve your competitiveness

When your conveyor application is connected to MindSphere, you always have total control over it, and preventive maintenance helps you reduce malfunctions and downtime. We assist you in growing your company.

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