SIMOTICS SD Severe duty motors

Low voltage motor Innomotics SD

The heavy-duty motors are the first choice for all significant applications in both typical industrial settings and difficult situations because of their sturdy cast iron casing. They are incredibly adaptable, incredibly small, easy to handle, and dependable even under the worst of circumstances. Extremely high efficiency guarantee sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Innomotics SD – a tailored solution for your specific demand.

Flexible due to flange mounting design, reliable due to rugged design and very efficient due to efficiency class IE4 from 2.2 up to 1.000 kW.

Innomotics SD motors with an interface to the digital world

One decisive advantage of the Innomotics SD motors is the digital communication feature. This has many benefits that have a positive impact on engineering and their entire life cycle.

Maximum efficiency at fixed speed

A new EU Directive states that low voltage motors up to 1,000 kW must reach an efficiency rating of IE3 or above as of July 1, 2021. In a second phase, efficiency class IE4 will be required for the 75-200 kW performance range starting in mid-2023.

The well-proven Innomotics SD motors are already available with the very high-efficiency class IE4 – from 2.2 kW to 1,000 kW – for mains operation up to shaft height 450.

> ErP and ecodesign guidelines

Innomotics Connect 400 / Inspire IQ Fleet

You may install a cost-effective and cloud-based solution for continuous condition monitoring and comprehensive fleet management of your low voltage motors 24/7/365 with the plug-and-play SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 connectivity module and Inspire IQ Fleet analysis app.

Your low-voltage motors’ availability, performance, dependability, and efficiency may all be improved in a variety of applications with the help of the MindSphere application Inspire IQ Fleet, whether you’re monitoring brand-new motors or adaptably upgrading the existing base. Perform maintenance on your motors in advance, basing it on accurate condition data and interval information.

> SIMOTICS Connect 400

> Inspire IQ Fleet

Innomotics SD standard motors

Severe Duty motors from the Innomotics platform have always stood out due to their high reliability and strong performance, even in the most challenging applications.

Shaft heights 71 – 315

One of the world’s most compact motor ranges is the Innomotics SD line, which is produced with cutting-edge technologies. The motors’ design and the idea of modular add-ons guarantee optimal flexibility and little work during installation.

One grid-optimized standard motor and two converter-oriented motor lines for variable-speed drives with a frequency converter and motor are available for frame sizes 71 through 315.

Motors optimized for line operation

Line operation is possible with the well-proven Innomotics SD motors up to motor efficiency rating IE4. When comparing motors with an IE3 efficiency class to motors with an IE4 efficiency class, you can save up to 3% on your energy consumption. Because the InnomoticsSD family of motors is made using cutting-edge technologies, it is among the world’s most compact. For example, highly conductive materials guarantee good starting and switching behaviour and low rotor losses. Installing the modular mounting idea requires little effort and offers complete flexibility.

These line motors can be used on the converter if desired, in addition to directly on the line.

Converter-optimized motors (Variable Speed Drive motors)

Based on the Innomotics SD family, which has shaft heights ranging from 71 to 315, are the Innomotics SD VSD motors. As a result, their design matches that of the matching line motors because their mechanical components are the same. Through suitable dimensioning of the active portion and VSD-specific rating plate data, the motors are fitted to the converter. Furthermore, a great deal of the options, terminal box location, construction kinds, motor protection, and other modifications accessible for line motors are also available for VSD motors.

Converter-optimized asynchronous motor (VSD10):

The investment-optimized system, which consists of an Innomotics SD VSD10 motor and an Innomotics converter, allows for quick commissioning using a data matrix code for pre-set converter parameters, as well as straightforward selection using a catalogue or engineering tool. When the motors are perfectly matched to the converter’s operating conditions, system losses are reduced, leading to high energy efficiency.

Converter-optimized synchronous reluctance motor (VSD4000):

The optimal option for especially energy-efficient operation is a system made up of an Innomotics converter and reluctance motor. Even in the partial load range, the reluctance technology guarantees exceptionally high dynamic performance, great efficiencies, and high process quality.

benefits of SD Severe duty motors

Compact design and increased power
  • In machines, the motor’s size frequently has a big impact. In addition to saving room, the extremely small design makes machine and plant connection easier.
  • When space is limited and a normal motor cannot fit higher-power motors may be the answer—even in applications with extreme workloads. This is so that they can have a lower shaft height while still providing the same power rating.
Energy savings and sustainable production

High energy savings and environmental protection are made possible by the IE3 and IE4 efficiency class motors. production in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations. Lacquers and impregnation don’t require solvents.

The right converter motor perfectly matched the Innomotics converters

When combined with converters from the Innomotics drive family, motors designed for converter operation in synchronous and asynchronous reluctance technology provide an ideally matched, extremely efficient system. They surpass the global MEPS standards. Predefined parameters in the converter are provided by the data matrix code stamped on the motor rating plate.

The efficient line motor for multiple requirements
  • For severe duty applications, the following motor lines are available: Eagle Line (export to NAFTA nations), Performance Line (process industry), and Basic Line (mechanical engineering). one idea for all international markets.
  • Throughout the whole performance range, a catalogue range of 2.2 kW is available for the line motors in efficiency class IE4.

Technology Overview

Standard Innomotics SD next generation motors

With Innomotics SD next generation, a new scalable generation of low-voltage motors is ready for digitalization. Thanks to their impressive performance and the additional versatility in their range of applications, this motor series ensures future-proof drive technology.

Shaft heights 280 – 450

They are neither slowed down by vibrations or dust, nor are they slowed down by harsh surroundings in the process sector. Compact dimensions and excellent power density are made possible by their optimised design. The modular terminal box architecture and a standardised range of choices make it simple to integrate in various plant topologies and applications.

Product overview

Innomotics SD

High starting and break-loose torques are characteristics of the original Innomotics SD version. The motors are IQ Ready thanks to SIMOTICS Connect, a sensor box installed on the motor.

Innomotics SD Add

The Innomotics SD Add version with its low starting currents and global certificates is designed for applications up to 1,000 kW in all important global regions and markets. Not only that, its low starting currents mean that a large number of industry-specific requirements and process industry specifications can be met, as well as having a positive influence on operating quality.

Innomotics SD Pro

Outstanding flexibility and scalability characterize the third variant. The Innomotics SD Pro motors can be operated directly on the line supply or with a converter up to 690 V in any plant or system configuration around the world. Special highlights of the Innomotics SD Pro are the unique combination of important global certificates, as well as IE3-based efficiency stability, independent of the 50 Hz or 60 Hz line frequency.

Global certificates are available with Innomotics SD Add and Innomotics SD Pro. As a result, they are prepared for usage in all significant global markets and areas. Both North America and the European Union can utilize them as standards. In compliance with IEC and EISA regulations, the electrical values are provided and stamped on the rating plate. Electrically, the motors are similar to the Eagle-Line for lesser shaft heights (mechanically according to IEC). Numerous other credentials are peculiar to different countries.


Increase process transparency and optimize service activities with the digital pioneer.

Digital twin:

Make design and engineering processes more flexible and quicker.

Innomotics Digital Data app:

Mobile access to technical data, spare parts and operating instructions increases transparency and facilitates commissioning.

Inspire IQ Fleet:

The digital platform for complete drive systems – more transparency, more reliability, more process efficiency, more serviceability.


Greater efficiency and increased flexibility during installation.

Compact and future-proof design:
For higher power density at comparable performance levels.

Smaller overall dimensions:
For easy replacement and reduced space requirements.

New terminal box concept:
For greater flexibility during system integration.

Improved operating quality:
For high starting or break loose torques (TS/TN) or low starting currents (IS/IN).

Flexible range of applications:
For mains and converter capability up to 690 V.

energy efficiency

Enhanced competitiveness thanks to energy savings.

Compliance with efficiency classes IE3 and IE4:
Maximize energy savings and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

Compliance with IES2 according to IEC 61800-9-2 for Innomotics drive systems:
Find out exactly how low the system losses of Innomotics SD motors are in combination with SINAMICS converters.

Efficiency stability:
Benefit from consistently high efficiency regardless of the 50 Hz/60 Hz line frequency.

Simple and fast

Reach your next performance level along the entire value-add chain.

Very short delivery times:
Gain time and flexibility in your planning.

More configuration options:
Make use of a wider range of standardized options, for faster quotes and shorter response times.

Global reach:
Compliance with the key global certificates and regional requirements.

Technology overview

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