SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors

SIMOTICS S-1FT7 servomotors are synchronous permanent-magnet motors that have extremely small size. They provide a high level of protection and robustness and satisfy the strictest specifications for dynamics, speed control range, and precision. The motors are optimised for operation on our fully digital drive and control systems thanks to their state-of-the-art encoder technology.

Servomotors for every motion task

When it comes to machine tool positioning, angular synchronism, cyclic drive, or path control, Siemens’ SIMOTICS servomotors offer excellent dynamics, precision, compactness, and durability.

  • High degree of efficiency and fourfold overload capability (for natural cooling)
  • High surface quality on the workpiece due to high concentricity and low torque ripple
  • Optional natural cooling, forced ventilation or water cooling
  • Extremely rugged due to IP67 degree of protection and vibration-isolated encoder mounting
  • Optionally with absolute encoder or incremental encoder Easy to service and install thanks to cross profile, rotatable connector with quick-release fastener and exchangeable encoder
  • Digital DRIVE-CLiQ interface with electronic rating plate for optimum connection to SINAMICS S120 Optional: Zero-backlash holding brake and low-backlash planetary gearbox

Overview of the product range

Our motion control motors from the SIMOTICS S-1FT7 series are ideal for high-performance motion jobs up to 280 Nm in torque. Additionally, two variants with various cooling systems are offered.

Compact (CT)

Compact are designated for usage in machine machines where good surface quality and ideal machining outcomes are important because of their reduced torque ripple. Their small size makes them perfect for usage in spaces with limited installation space.

High Dynamic (HD)

SIMOTICS S-1FT7 High Dynamic have a very low rotor inertia to achieve extremely high dynamics and shortest cycle times. The motors 1FT7 High Dynamic are available in cooling types for external cooling and water-cooling ensuring high continuous power capability.

Technical overview

System overview of SIMOTICS S-1FT7 servo motors

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