Flameproof Innomotics HV C high voltage motor

The ultra-compact, high voltage Innomotics HV C flameproof motor is made to operate with utmost safety and dependability in extremely explosive settings. Its ground-breaking cooling design blends tube cooling components with the tried-and-true rib cooling system. Its durable construction guarantees dependable operation with optimal vibration behaviour even in challenging circumstances.


  • Less space required and simpler integration into plants and systems as a result of the extremely compact design
  • Very safe and reliable, even in highly explosive, extreme environments
  • Extremely long lifetime as a result of the optimized temperature distribution
  • Minimized noise levels reduce noise attenuation measures/costs
  • Low weight simplifies handling and transport
  • Optimized vibration behavior for long plant and system lifetimes
  • Maximum system transparency and higher productivity by integrating into digital system concepts


  • Revolutionary cooling system, which combines the inner cooling circuit with cooling tubes
  • Extremely high power density, which sets the benchmark in the flameproof motor market
  • Flameproof enclosure in Ex db and Ex db eb predestined for Zone 1
  • Extremely compact flameproof terminal box, which is identical for the 6 kV and 11 kV versions
  • Data matrix code so that mobile devices can quickly and simply access individual motor data
  • Condition data can be analyzed using digital service concepts, also cloud based
  • Engineered based on international standards, e.g. ATEX, CQST, EAC

Technical data overview

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