Air-cooled, high-voltage motor Innomotics HV C

The Innomotics HV C air-cooled high voltage motor is incredibly dependable and ultra-compact, making it suitable for use in non-hazardous regions such as Ex zones 2 and 22 (Ex ec and Ex tc). Its power density is 10-15% higher than that of other motors of similar size. A vibration-optimized design concept and the novel rib and tube cooling concept allow for flexible integration into a variety of plants and industry applications.

What the HV C air-cooled motor can do for your business

Design & Construction

  • The exceptionally adaptable motor design of Innomotics HV C air-cooled permits enhanced flexibility in plants and systems, easier installation, and project-specific adaptation to client interfaces (e.g., changing junction box position)
  • By extending component life and increasing power by up to 15% without compromising overall size, the novel cooling technique allows for a lightweight and compact motor design that has been optimised using FEM analysis
  • With its vibration-optimized motor design, internal wire routing, and small, service-optimized terminal box with many positioning options
  • For compact, air-cooled motors with or without explosion protection, a standard platform design lowers costs at every stage of the life cycle, from procurement and planning to engineering and plant integration, servicing, warehousing, and spare parts management
  • The Innomotics HV C air-cooled extend the range beyond existing flameproof and water-cooled versions.
  • The Innomotics HV C air-cooled completes our compact motor platform, which consists flameproof and water jacket cooled motors, with an air cooled version


  • The Innomotics HV C air-cooled cooling system achieves the most compact design feasible with a tiny footprint by combining an internal cooling circuit with rib and tube cooling, all while consistently avoiding hotspots
  • With its sophisticated fan design and optimized engine cooling, the engine is powerful. Unlike traditional ideas, this drastically lowers motor temperature and maximizes power density
  • Thanks to optimized temperature distribution, the Innomotics HV C air-cooled has an extremely high power density and an extremely long service life. Even in extreme environments, the Innomotics HV C air-cooled runs safely and reliably.

Digitalization via inspire IQ

  • Innomotics HV C motors are an integral component of Inspire IQ, the digital platform for optimizing drive systems
  • An optional Innomotics Connect 600 module allows the Innomotics HV C motors to be integrated into the cloud-based digital solution. This collects and processes data, including bearing temperatures, winding temperatures, and housing vibrations, using temperature and vibration sensors. It then sends this data to the cloud for analysis
  • Maximum plant and system transparency is made possible by the integration of Inspire IQ into our customers’ digital system designs. The availability, productivity, efficiency, and performance of our motors and your application will all rise with cloud-based digital expert analysis. Predictive maintenance will also increase service efficiency
  • The Data Matrix Code enables quick and easy access to individual motor data via mobile devices

Technical data overview

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