Innomotics GP general purpose motors

Low voltage motor Innomotics GP

In humid and industrial settings, general-purpose motors with aluminum housing, IP66 protection, and a C4 coating system are appropriate for a variety of common drive requirements. The motors’ architecture and design guarantee optimal flexibility and less installation work. Their exceptionally low weight makes them ideal for use in compressors, fans, and pumps.

Product overview

Two converter-optimized motor lines are offered for variable-speed converter operation in addition to converter-capable line motors. With a motor code with established converter parameters, you may rapidly activate your Innomotics GP motors if they are converter optimised.

Grid-optimized motors

The tried-and-true Innomotics GP are offered in efficiency classes up to IE4 and are optimised for line operation. Every motor has the same assigned power-shaft height. Consequently, the lack of shaft height variations makes servicing and replacing motors simple. It is quite simple to migrate to more efficient motors because all efficiency classes have the same power-shaft height assignment. With converters, grid-optimized motors can also be run.


Converter-optimized motors (Variable Speed Drive motors)

The Innomotics GP motor series serves as the foundation for the Innomotics GP VSD motors. The mechanical components are the same, therefore the design matches the line motors. Through suitable dimensioning of the active portion and VSD-specific rating plate data, the motors are fitted to the converter. Furthermore, a great deal of the options, terminal box location, construction kinds, motor protection, and other modifications accessible for line motors are also available for VSD motors.

  • Converter-optimized asynchronous motor (VSD10)

This cost-effective system, which consists of an Innomotics GP VSD10 motor and an Innomotics converter, allows for quick commissioning using a data matrix code for preset converter parameters, as well as straightforward selection using a catalogue or engineering tool. When the motors are perfectly matched to the converter’s operating conditions, system losses are reduced, leading to high energy efficiency.

  • Converter-optimized synchronous reluctance motor (VSD4000)

The ideal option for a system that combines an Innomotics converter and reluctance motor is an Innomotics system for especially energy-efficient operation. Even in the partial load range, the reluctance technology guarantees exceptionally high dynamic performance, great efficiencies, and high process quality.


Technical overview

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