Equip your flexible coupling with AIQ Detect to benefit from increased operational reliability and reduced unplanned downtime.


Your flexible N-EUPEX and RUPEX connection turns into a smart component with AIQ Detect. The digital coupling sensor detects rotation speed and direction in addition to tracking the elastomers’ state of wear. In this manner, the state of your coupling is constantly monitored.


Operational reliability is increased and unplanned breakdowns are prevented by using AIQ Detect to monitor the coupling continuously and permanently. It serves as the foundation for condition-based maintenance as well. The replacement of elastomers can now be targeted and carried out just when necessary, as opposed to being done on a regular basis. This is sustainable in addition to being economical.


Your flexible coupling’s state is consistently evaluated using AIQ Detect based on reliable measurements. As a result, neither employee modification nor training is necessary for monitoring. When the elastomers’ wear limit is reached, the sensor signals the condition change. You still have time to schedule maintenance. Routine annual maintenance may require stopping the operation for many hours. Long-term savings on this effort can be achieved with AIQ Detect.


The sensor captures every coupling rotation in addition to assessing elastomer wear. AIQ Detect is able to ascertain rotation speed and direction based on this data. This guarantees that the drive train is always running properly.


You can always see your coupling when you use AIQ Detect. Via a coloured LED light strip on the sensor, the wear state of the elastomers is directly shown. Additionally, you can use a Bluetooth connection to monitor the status via the AIQ App. There is a connected PLC interface available for connectivity to your plant control. Both the connection structure and the notifications can be customised.

Additionally, the AIQ Portal allows you to keep an eye on the coupling status online. In order to accomplish this, AIQ Detect must be connected to an already-existing AIQ Core; data is transmitted over this WiFi connection. The datasheet provides an overview of all technical information, and you can download it immediately as a PDF.


You can set up a new N-EUPEX or RUPEX with the ‘AIQ Detect Ready’ option when you buy it. Your connection will then be outfitted with the magnets required for the sensor’s measurements right from the factory. This gets everything ready for using AIQ Detect. Naturally, ordering the AIQ Detect sensor at the same time is also an option. In this manner, as soon as the connection is installed, you may see its condition.

Additionally, AIQ Detect may be readily retrofitted to any N-EUPEX or RUPEX, enabling you to improve your current couplings with ease. After that, the magnets required for the measurements need to be installed.


  • AIQ Detect Sensor
  • Extra Strong Magnets
  • Quick Guide

N-EUPEX 80-140

N-EUPEX 160-280

N-EUPEX 315-710

RUPEX 105-1120

RUPEX 1250-2000


  • Special 6mm diameter drill with depth stop, specially designed for installing the magnets
  • Self-adhesive template for easy and optimal hole positioning


Coupler-specific upgrade packages and an installation kit are available to retrofit an AIQ Detect sensor into an already existing N-EUPEX or RUPEX coupling. Both are available for purchase at FLENDER Mall. You don’t need the installation kit if your coupler is AIQ Ready. On the right are links to order the products directly from the mall and additional details about the contents of the box.

Any bundle you select will make installing AIQ Detect simple and quick. Particularly since you will be able to enjoy the advantages for the duration of the partnership. The installation video walks you through every stage of the process and shows you what has to be done. You can also go through the steps in the AIQ Detect short tutorial.

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