Our new digital brand, AIQ, stands for the next stage of intelligence in FLENDER gearbox technology.

FLENDER gears are now more intelligent than ever thanks to AIQ’s maintenance support, failure prediction, and diagnostics features. Intelligent tools for drivetrain and process automation, as well as AIQ sensor technology ex works, are included with every one of our new FLENDER ONE gear units. FLENDER’s proficiency and experience at the client location.

Monitoring and upkeep

We provide a customizable solution bundle with AIQ Monitoring & Maintenance that precisely meets your needs. Steer clear of tiresome servicing and maintenance procedures, and be aware of impending maintenance needs as soon as possible. The optimal maintenance period is determined in part by the deeply integrated sensor system. The gear unit intelligence that has been introduced will even assist you in preventing unscheduled shutdowns. Make money from:

  • optimized service intervals based on oil monitoring
  • early failure detection and alarming based on vibration measurement
  • storage and visualization of longtime data within our AIQ web portal
  • automated monthly reporting (gear unit health status)
  • PLC integration of measured speed, temperature, vibration and status

Make use of AIQ Monitoring & Maintenance in different setups (see picture below), coming from a simple sensor use case, ending in cloud-hosted data with 24/7 online availability. Flexible, optionally upgradeable.

Gear unit with AIQ core


  • Integrated sensors
  • Standard for new gear units
  • Standardized interfaces (AO/DO)
  • IP67
  • One-cable solution
  • Mobile app–controlled sensor system
  • Onboard analytics
  • Event logging
  • Data classification & trend recording


  • Local mode on-site (no registration)
  • Online mode possibility
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Gear unit overview
  • Health/Operation status
  • Alarming
  • Commissioning support
  • Digital manuals & instructions
  • Support videos
  • On-demand report (online functionality)


  • Expert analytics
  • Operating state
  • Calculation of remaining oil lifetime
  • Data availability 24/7
  • Fleet management
  • Trend data
  • Performance monitoring
  • Maintenance scheduling (Flender & customer tasks)
  • Logbook
  • On-demand report

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