The SINAMICS G120P is a cost-effective, energy-efficient and easy-to-operate inverter with a wealth of functions. As a result of the integrated, application-specific and energy-saving functions, the inverter facilitates cost-effective and efficient operation. It is tailored to address pump, fan and compressor drives in the public domain as well as the industrial environment. Furthermore it sets itself apart as a result of its simple installation and commissioning. It is used for basic speed control as well as for complex closed-loop control tasks in building technology as well as the water and process industries. SINAMICS G120P is available as a built-in device up to 630 kW (700 hp) in an IP20 degree of protection, as well as for wall-mounting up to 90 kW (125 hp) in an IP55 degree of protection.

SINAMICS G120P is a modular inverter system, comprising the closed-loop control unit (Control Unit), a power unit (Power Module) as well as an operating unit. The latter is either the Intelligent Operator Panel or the Basic Operator Panel.

  • The Control Unit controls and monitors the Power Module and the connected motors in several selectable operating modes. It supports communication to a local control system as well as to monitoring equipment.
  • The Power Module supplies the motors in a power range from 0.37 kW up to 630 kW (0.5 hp – 700 hp)
  • The IOP and BOP-2 operating units optimally support users when it comes to operation and commissioning

a brief Summary of its Strengths


  • Ambient temperatures from 0 ° to 60 °C
  • Degree of protection IP20, IP20 push-through, IP55
  • Coated modules

Energy saving using innovative technology

  • Lower line harmonics, higher power factor λ = 0.94 =|P|/S for PM230
  • Efficiency > 98 % for the PM330
  • Flux reduction in the partial load range
  • Hibernation mode


  • Integrated in the building automation through Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Siemens FLN P1
  • Embedded in Totally Integrated Automation through PROFINET and PROFIBUS

Special functions for building technology

  • Control of flaps, heating and cooling valves using additional PID controller
  • Closed-loop control of pressure, temperature and air quality in up to three zones
  • Essential Service Mode for maximum operating time of the drive in the case of fire

The range of SIMOTICS motors for SINAMICS G120P

  • SINAMICS G120P low-voltage inverters are harmonized and coordinated for operation with SIMOTICS GP , SIMOTICS SD and SIMOTICS TN motors.
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness is achieved through the optimum interaction between the SIMOTICS GP- VSD10, SIMOTICS SD- VSD10 as well as the SIMOTICS FD motors
  • SINAMICS G120P converters have been designed for operation with type approved SIMOTICS DP fire gas engines, which have been especially developed for edifices resp. buildings equipped with smoke control systems.

Technical data overview

Voltage and power ranges 3-ph. 380 V – 480 V AC ± 10%
IP20: 0,37 kW – 560 kW (0.5 hp – 700 hp)
IP55: 0,37 kW – 90 kW (0.5 hp – 125 hp)
3-ph 500 V – 690 V AC ± 10%
IP20: 500 kW – 630 kW (500 hp – 700 hp)
Types of control: V/f (linear, square-law, FCC, ECO), sensorless vector control (SLVC)
Degree of protection: Degree of protection
Output frequency: IP20/UL Open Type
IP55/UL Type 12

SINAMICS G120P – Typical Uses

The SINAMICS G120P frequency inverter is the perfect solution for applications, such as closed-loop speed control for ventilation fans, circulating pumps for heating and cooling systems, booster pumps, or pumps for level control.