The compact versatile frequency converter

The SINAMICS G120C is a highly compact device that offers a multitude of functions for a variety of applications along with an incorporated safety feature. It spans a power range of 0.55 to 132 kW with seven frame sizes.

Versatile. User friendly. Compact.

The frequency converter with optimum functionality.


  • High torques at low frequency setpoints are possible thanks to energy-efficient, sensorless vector control
  • Due to the certified Safe Torque Off safety function, which is integrated as standard, additional external components can be omitted
  • All standard bus systems such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS and USS/ Modbus RTU are supported

User friendly

  • Intuitive series commissioning, cloning function using a SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module, BOP-2, IOP-2, or SD card
  • Simple and fast software parameter assignment
  • Full integration of the drives into the TIA Portal system diagnostics and the use of the TIA Portal library concept guarantee simple reusability of the converters, including their parameters and hardware components


  • Compact design, also for power ratings up to 132 kW
  • Integrated input reactor and EMC filter
  • All frame sizes in side-by-side design without power reduction or current derating

SINAMICS G120C – The converter for your individual applications

Pumping / ventilating / compressing

SINAMICS is the drive for pumping, ventilating, and compressing.


SINAMICS is the drive for simple as well as highly dynamic conveyor systems and stacker cranes.


SINAMICS is the drive for continuous processes with high speed and torque accuracy.

Setting up and starting the SINAMICS G120C converter

Everything you need to know about the SINAMICS G120C frequency converter—from quick mounting to commissioning in the TIA Portal with Safety Integrated—will be covered in this instructional series.

Optional operator panels for SINAMICS G120C

Everything you need to know about the SINAMICS G120C frequency converter—from quick mounting to commissioning in the TIA Portal with Safety Integrated—will be covered in this instructional series.


SINAMICS Smart Access Module

Web-based control panel featuring wireless client access

Mobile diagnostics, commissioning, and servicing

Your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, and laptop) can be wirelessly connected to the SINAMICS G120C converter series over WiFi by using the SINAMICS Smart Access Module. This provides you with a robust tool that can be used for wireless commissioning, diagnostics, and service and has many functions. It only takes a few steps to set up the module. Because of the web server feature, no additional software needs to be downloaded or installed. All you need is a commercially accessible operating system and a regular web browser. The SINAMICS Smart Access Module has an easy-to-use and straightforward configuration and usage interface.

The Smart Access Module is available as an additional option for the SINAMICS G120C converter series with CU230P-2 or CU240E-2 Control Unit.

  • Quick commissioning – mobile and clever
  • Motor test – setting and changing the motor speed
  • Simple maintenance and diagnostics
  • All parameters and settings at a glance
  • Storing and sharing of converter data
SINAMICS intelligent operator Panel IOP-2

For direct connection to the converter, an intelligent operator panel

Local control, oversight, configuration, analysis, and maintenance

Fast local setup, fault diagnostics, and easy operation of the SINAMICS G frequency converter series are made possible by the flat IOP-2 Intelligent Operator Panel, which also makes it easier to alter settings while the device is in use. Selectable settings are provided by the user-friendly central multifunctional sensor control panel to assist users.
The IOP-2 can be used in three different ways: directly hooking it into the converter’s control unit; putting it in the door to operate outside the control cabinet; or using it as an IOP portable device for wired operation in hard-to-reach places.

For the SINAMICS frequency converter series G120, G120X, G120XA, G120P, G120C, G120D, G110M, and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC-2, there is an additional option called the IOP-2.

  • High-contrast color display with a range of display options
  • Fast series commissioning of the frequency converters
  • Simple configuration of an Ethernet-based fieldbus interface
  • Fast access to product information about the current drive system
  • Direct contact with Customer Support via the SIEMENS Industry Online Support App
  • Simple connection to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) via two-dimensional code (data matrix or QR code)
SINAMICS Intelligent Operator Panel BOP-2

Rudimentary operator panel for connecting the converter directly

Local monitoring, commissioning, operation, and diagnostics

The BOP-2 Basic Operator Panel’s 2-line display and menu-based operation make it easier to localise the SINAMICS G120 converter series’ commissioning. Commissioning a drive may be done quickly and, for the most part, without a printed parameter list thanks to the simultaneous display of the parameter and parameter value as well as parameter filtering.
The SINAMICS G120C converter series now offers the BOP-2 as an extra option.

  • Direct local operation of the drive
  • Simple switchover between automatic and manual operation
  • Standard commissioning using the clone function
  • 2-line display for showing up to 2 process values with text
  • Diagnostics with menu prompting with 7-segment display
  • Door mounting kit, can be mounted in the control cabinet door (achievable degree of protection is IP54/UL Type 12)
An overview of further supplementary system components, e.g.
  • Memory cards
  • (Safe) Brake Relay
  • Blanking covers
  • Shield connection kits and plates
  • Adapters for installation on standard mounting rail
  • PC-converter connection kit
Siemens product partner for drives options

In order to meet as many customer requirements as possible in the field of drive technology, in addition to its own products, Siemens also relies on the individual and supplementary services of selected partners (e.g. output reactors, sine-wave filters, line filters/line reactors, braking resistors).

Technical data

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