For basic motion sequences, the frequency converter is the small SINAMICS V20. Its quick commissioning times, ease of handling, and energy-saving features define it. The power range of the converter, which comes in nine sizes, is 0.12 kW to 30 kW.

Simple. Rugged. Efficient.

SINAMICS V20 – The perfect solution for basic applications


  • Simple installation – push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both versions
  • Simple commissioning, diagnostics, and service via mobile and local operator panels, as well as a multitude of options
  • Easy handling – Parameter readout and cloning without power supply


  • Greater voltage range, advanced cooling, and coated electronics boards add to the robustness of the converter in tough environmental conditions
  • Stable operation under difficult line supply conditions
  • Operating and ambient temperature from -10 °C to 60 °C


  • ECO mode for U/f, U2/f; hibernation mode in idle state
  • Integrated energy and water flow monitoring
  • High overload capacity (HO) and low overload capacity (LO) for frame size FSE

SINAMICS V20 meets the requirements of digitalization

Drives are what make things happen, whether in the manufacturing or processing sectors. And in terms of digitalization, drive systems are the ideal location to start. To maintain your competitiveness, low-voltage converter and motor data are essential.

A straightforward plug-and-play method for connecting SINAMICS low-voltage converters straight to the cloud is offered by the SINAMICS CONNECT 300 IoT gateway. Without requiring any modifications to hardware or software, it connects a SINAMICS V20 to Insights Hub. Up to 8 drives can be connected at once.

Portable, Astute, Quicker.

Your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, and laptop) can be wirelessly connected to the SINAMICS V20 converter series through the use of the SINAMICS V20 Smart Access Module. This gives you a versatile, highly effective tool for wireless commissioning, diagnostics, and servicing.

Accessories for your SINAMICS V20

With the SINAMICS accessories, you increase the operation and control capabilities of your SINAMICS V20 even more.

1. Basic Operator Panel BOP

Basic operator panel for direct connection to the converter 

The menu-based operation of the BOP Basic Operator Panel facilitates local commissioning of the SINAMICS V20 converters.

2. Braking module

  • Shortens the deceleration ramp time
  • Suitable for 230 V 1 AC and 400 V 3 AC
  • Adjustable duty cycle from 5% to 100%
  • The frame sizes FSD and FSE already have an integrated braking unit

3. Smart Access Module

Web-based control panel featuring wireless client access

All that has to be done is plug in the optional SINAMICS V20 Smart Access Module to the converter. Since the SINAMICS V20 frequency converter can be commissioned and handled via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, handling it becomes much simpler and more user-friendly.


4. BOP Interface

  • Connection between the converter and BOP Basic Operator Panel
  • RJ45 interface is compatible with standard network cable

5. Parameter Loader

Even when the converter is not receiving power, parameter settings can be saved and loaded again using an SD card or MMC card and the battery-operated parameter loader. This also makes it possible to load the most recent firmware.

6. SINAMICS V20 I/O expansion module

Increase the number of inputs and outputs on the SINAMICS V20, 400 V converter with the I/O expansion module.

The module can simply be installed on the converter and provides two additional digital inputs and two relay outputs for it. The following inputs and outputs are thus available:

  • 2 analog inputs
  • 4 digital outputs

SINAMICS V20 – The converter for your individual applications

Pumping / ventilating / compressing

SINAMICS is the drive for pumping, ventilating, and compressing.


SINAMICS is the drive for simple as well as highly dynamic conveyor systems.


SINAMICS is the drive for continuous processes with high speed and torque accuracy.

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