SINAMICS G115D – The new distributed drive system

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The SINAMICS G115D comprises a motor, frequency converter and gearbox most suitable for conveyor applications such as baggage & sorting. It is available in two versions. The Motor mount (0.37 kW – 4 kW)  and Wall mount 0.37 kW – 7.5 kW). While reducing Cabling & space required in panels it also improves EMC compatibility and heat loss. This user-friendly modular and versatile solution offers dedicated features for conveyor applications, and has an innovative design to make connecting up, commissioning and service very easy. With SINAMICS G115D you benefit from an out-of the-box concept for easy handling, fast set-up and extremely simple operation.

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Integrated firmware functions for conveyor technology ie.(conveyors, corner turn table, corner table, travelling trolley). Ramps (up/down) can be set separately. Rounding-off ramp function to guarantee soft starting & stopping with available ramp switch over in operation function. Available in Profinet, Ethernet IP , Asi or IO controlled.

  • Reduction in installation costs due to decentralised design and space saving in the control cabinet
  • Rugged design that has a high IP degree of protection (up to IP66)
  • Wi-Fi web server via SINAMICS Smart Access Module facilitates easy commissioning
  • Temperature Range down to -30°C
  • Safety Integrated: Safe-Torque-Off (STO)

G115D Catalog

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