SIMOTICS S Servomotors

The synchronous servo/main spindle motors are perfectly matched to the SINAMICS drive system and to the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system. The high power/weight ratio of the synchronous servo/main spindle motors meets the main requirement for compact machine construction.

The highlights of the motors are:

  • High overload capability
  • High dynamic response
  • High standstill torques

Products offered:

  • Servomotors 1FK7
  • Servomotors 1FT7
  • Servomotors 1FL6
  • Servomotors 1FT6
  • Servomotors 1FS6
  • Servomotors 1FU
  • Servo Geared Motors
  • Servomotors 1PH8
  • Servomotors S-1FL6