Loher CHEMSTAR and Loher VARIO Explosion Proof Motors

Type series 1MD5, 1PS0, 1PS1, 1PS4 and 1PS5 Frame sizes 71 to 500 Power range 0.25 to 1400 kW.

Extremely rugged and reliable, they can be supplied in all of the applicable types of protection Ex n, Ex e, Ex d, Ex p. For exceptional requirements, they are also available in double protection types, gas/dust or Ex e and Ex d.
All of this is supplemented by additional features that protect the motors against aggressive atmospheres – such as a chemical-proof paint finish and galvanized fan cowls. They also have a wide range of permissible operating temperatures, which makes them ideal for applications in deserts and polar regions. The motors are also available with degrees of protection up to IP68 and naturally have sector-specific certificates such as ATEX, NEPSI (China), CCOE (India) and Rostekhnadzor (Russia).

Brief Description

Number of Poles: 2 – 12 pole; also higher numbers of poles for special versions pole changing
– 2 speeds e.g. 4/2, 8/4, 12/6
– 3 speeds e.g. 8/4/2, 8/6/4
Voltage Range: Low-voltage up to 1000 V
Rated Voltages: All of the usual low voltages and voltage ranges according to IEC 60038. However, also: Non-standard voltages and / or frequencies according to customer specifications
Operating Mode: S1 and various
Degree of Protection: IP55, IP56, to IP68