More power and higher cost-effectiveness – with outstanding reliability.
Applications requiring power ratings in excess of 160 kW in which conditions are harsh, call for especially rugged motors of the severe duty type. For these applications, we supply our transnorm motors for mains or converter use. This comprehensive range of motors with a host of options covers high power applications in a wide variety of industries; chemicals, oil & gas, cement, mining, water and waste water are just a few examples.

Brief Description

Water-Cooled Motors: 780 – 1120 kW
Force-Ventilated Motors: 250 – 1000 kW
Self-Ventilated Motors: 250 – 1000 kW
Rated Voltages: 400 V ∆ / 690 V Y, 500 V ∆, 690 V ∆
Through-Ventilated Motors: 315 – 1250 kW
Shaft Heights: 315, 355, 400, 450 mm
No. of Poles: 2-8
Efficiency at Mains-Fed Operation: IE2, IE3 up to 375 kW
Operation: Mains-fed operation, converter-fed operation

SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS

The synthesis of a compact motor design and modular cooling with highest reliability and performance, especially for converter operation.
Highest power rating, reliability, efficiency and modular cooling system:
This distinguishes the three-phase motors SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS. Siemens frequency converters and motors generate an efficient drive system for applications with constant torque and also with square-law counter torque characteristic. SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS motors save energy, require little maintenance and operate reliably over their long motor lifetime. An investment that pays back in a short time. SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact PLUS motors are environmentally-friendly and can be recycled up to approx. 98 %.

Brief Description

Water-Cooled Motors: 1RN4, 1RN6
Air-Cooled Motors: 1RQ4, 1RQ6
Open-Circuit Ventilated Motors: 1RA4, 1RA6, 1RP6
Shaft Heights: 450, 500, 560 mm
Power Range: 720 to 4000 kW
No. of Poles: 4-8
Degree of Protection: IP55 (1RN4, 1RQ4, 1RN6, 1RQ6). IP23, WP II (1RA4, 1RA6, 1RP6)