Alpha Drives Ltd Completion of Advanced MCC for Water Treatment Plant

At Alpha Drives Ltd, we are nearing the completion of a sophisticated Motor Control Centre (MCC) designed to manage the critical operations of dosing, aeration, sludge, and pumping stations, along with final effluent flow in a water treatment plant. This advanced MCC is equipped with cutting-edge Siemens technology, including the S7-1500 PLC, TP1200 Comfort Display, ET200SP cards, and 12 G120X variable speed drives (VSDs) ranging from 2.2 kW to 11 kW, all connected via Profibus DP.

Optimized for Pumping and Fan Applications

The Siemens SINAMICS G120X drives are specifically optimized for pumping and fan applications, offering features such as de-ragging functions, pipe-filling modes, cavitation detection, and multi-pump operation. These functionalities ensure efficient and reliable operation, addressing common issues in water treatment processes. Additionally, the G120X drives include a real-time clock for autonomous, time-controlled operation and a timestamp for precise fault and alarm reporting, enhancing overall system management and troubleshooting.

Comprehensive Integration with E-Plan

Our team at Alpha Drives is highly experienced in meeting Irish Water requirements, and we implement the entire MCC package using e-plan software. This includes detailed cable schedules, single-end diagrams, and comprehensive control panel schematics. By utilizing e-plan, we ensure precise and efficient integration, leading to improved reliability and performance of the control systems.

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