Alpha Drives Ltd Builds Advanced Control Panels for Pumping Stations

At Alpha Drives Ltd, we are currently constructing a series of sophisticated control panels designed for the control and monitoring of pumping stations. These panels are specifically engineered to manage sludge and flood pumps, while also monitoring crucial instrumentation such as oil detection, conductivity, pH levels, ammonia, float level switches, and Sitrans magmeters.

Advanced Control and Monitoring Solutions

The control panels feature state-of-the-art Siemens technology, including the S7-1500 PLC, Simatic HMI TP1200 Comfort HMI, ET200SP cards, and five G120X Siemens drives. This advanced setup ensures precise control and reliable monitoring, meeting the stringent requirements of pumping station operations. Our familiarity with Irish Water requirements and specifications ensures that our solutions are fully compliant and tailored to the needs of various projects.

Comprehensive Package with E-Plan and TIA Portal

We have successfully provided similar solutions for projects in Skibbereen, Skerries, Bandon, Ardee, and Castleblayney. At Alpha Drives, we implement the entire package using E-Plan software, which includes detailed cable schedules, single-end diagrams, and harmonics analysis among other essentials. The use of Siemens’ TIA portal reduces cabling and enhances diagnostics, resulting in a more efficient and easily maintainable system.

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