Alpha Drives Ltd Completes 400A 50KA MCC for Large Food Processing OEM

Alpha Drives Ltd recently completed a state-of-the-art 400A 50KA Motor Control Centre (MCC) designed to control three vacuum mixers with PID control and three manufacturing lines for a major food processing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This project was completed with the precision and quality that Alpha Drives is known for.

Advanced Control Solutions for Food Processing

The MCC panels are equipped with five 11 kW drives and one 45 kW drive, ensuring robust and efficient control of the vacuum mixers and manufacturing lines. Additionally, the panels feature surge suppression with phase and suppressor lamps, a 400V distribution section, and six spare 11 kW isolators. This setup provides comprehensive control and protection, meeting the high standards required in the food processing industry.

Comprehensive Engineering and Design

Our team at Alpha Drives utilized advanced engineering tools to ensure the MCC was designed and built to the highest specifications. By incorporating surge suppression and robust distribution sections, we ensured that the MCC would deliver reliable performance and safety in a demanding industrial environment.

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