Alpha Drives Ltd Completes Automatic Generator Switch Panel with Dual Motorized Operators

Alpha Drives Ltd is proud to announce the successful completion of an advanced Automatic Generator Switch Panel featuring dual motorized operators for seamless auto switch-over. This innovative panel integrates surge protection, circuit breakers, and a CT Metering Chamber for ESB, ensuring reliable and continuous power supply in the event of a supply failure.

Advanced Features for Reliable Power Management

The heart of this system is the onboard Siemens ATC3100 controller, which adeptly manages the transition between two independent power sources. In the event of a supply failure, the controller swiftly switches to the backup generator supply, guaranteeing that the secondary supply meets the required power quality standards. With adjustable set limit values and delay times, the ATC3100 ensures precise control over switching conditions and timing for both primary and secondary power supplies, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Ensuring Power Quality and Performance

The automatic switch panel is equipped with state-of-the-art surge protection and circuit breakers to safeguard the system and connected equipment. Additionally, the ESB CT Metering Chamber allows for accurate monitoring and management of power consumption. By defining exact conditions and timings within the ATC unit, the system ensures optimal power quality and performance, minimizing downtime and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

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