Enhancing Remote Access Applications with Siemens SCALANCE Units at Alpha Drives Ltd

At Alpha Drives Ltd, we are dedicated to leveraging advanced technology to provide secure and efficient remote access solutions. Our use of Siemens SCALANCE units exemplifies our commitment to high-quality, reliable, and versatile remote access applications.

Versatile and Secure Remote Access with Siemens SCALANCE

Siemens SCALANCE units offer a range of remote access capabilities tailored to fit various IT infrastructures. Whether establishing a VPN tunnel between a SCALANCE unit PC (VPN server) and another SCALANCE unit (S7 PLC) through a dynamic IP address, or connecting a VPN server to a mobile client, SCALANCE units are designed to handle diverse scenarios. Key features of the SCALANCE units include:

  • Secure Data Exchange: Ensures safe monitoring, control, error detection, diagnostics, maintenance (Text Alarms), repair, and optimization.
  • Protection Against Threats: Guards against data espionage, manipulation, and unauthorized access.
  • Customizable Antennae: Options are available to match specific data and environmental requirements.

Comprehensive Implementation with E-Plan and TIA Portal

At Alpha Drives Ltd, we offer a complete package for remote access applications, utilizing e-plan for precise and efficient project execution. Our services include:

  • Cable Schedules and Single-End Diagrams
  • Harmonics Analysis and Other Essential Diagnostics
  • Advanced Tools from Siemens TIA Portal: Reduces cabling needs and enhances diagnostic capabilities.

Control Package Details:

  • Software and Control Panel Schematics
  • Control Panel Flash Test and Test Certificates
  • HMI and VSD Parameter Lists, User Manuals
  • GSM Text Alarm Lists
  • Cloud-Based Backup Codes and Passwords
  • Technical Data Sheets for UPS, PLC, HMIs
  • System Architecture Single Line Diagram
  • Full IO List

We accept free-issued components and offer log setup, bus bar usage, type test certificates, thermal tests, CE certifications, and builds to IEC 61439 standards. Our 3D proposals from e-plan ensure precise design and implementation.

Explore Our Projects and Services

Alpha Drives Ltd, based in Portlaoise, is a trusted Siemens and FLENDER business partner. We specialize in building MCCs, power distribution boards, and control panels designed with e-plan for optimal spacing and ventilation. Our product range includes switchgear, DOL, drives, instrumentation, motors, servos, and gearboxes. Our professional design teams excel in creating bespoke control and drivetrain solutions.

Visit our website to explore our projects and stay updated with our latest news. For inquiries and further information, contact us at 057-868 0800.

Thank you for choosing Alpha Drives Ltd for your remote access and control system needs. Together, we can drive innovation and efficiency to new heights.

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