FLENDER Oil Supply System
FLENDER Oil Supply System
Sinamics S120 Drives
Sinamics G120 Drives
Control Panel with Sinamics G120 Drives
Sinamics G120 Drives
Alpha Drives Siemens Servo Solutions
Tramec Geared Motor
Rossi Worm Gear Motor
Alpha Drives Water Treatment Panel
Motor Control Centre
Siemens S7 1500 PLC
Form 4 MCC For Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
Form 4 L Shaped MCC
VEM Three-Phase Slip Ring Motor
Form 4 Control Panel
SIEMENS SINAMICS G120 for the Food Industry
Stainless steel geared motors up to 22Kw (002)
SIEMENS Elmo Vacuum Pump
Flender Shaft Couplings
Control Panel with Sinamics G120P Drives
Sinamics G120P Drives
Sinamics G120 Drives
Flender planetary drive system P2DA27 400Kw Torque 336000 Nm supplied for a rotary kiln drive.
A new Flender Water Turbine Gearbox we supplied to a grain mill in Co.Offaly to produce power from an old water wheel.
Upgraded high efficient geared motor system, saving down time and energy costs to Glanbia.
Direct Online Intelligence Starters
A typical example of an Intelligent Small Conveyor Drive System.
Replacement of a Radicon Worm Gearbox with a Flender FZG gearbox. This replacement is now saving the customer energy due to the more efficient design.
VSD Control Panel in GRP Enclosure
Form 4 Panel with Automatic Generator Changeover for the water services industry.
Stainless Steel Remote IO Panels
Control Panels for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Sinamics G120 Training Rig
Sinamics G120 Training Rig
SIBRE Calliper Brake
Simogear Helical Bevel