Alpha Drives SIVACON S4 Power MCC Control panel for milk plant. Built to IEC61439 standard using SIMARIS SIVACON S4 Configuration tool to Ensure compliance to all relevant current standards. In compartmentalised form and with operator safety being paramount devices are safely located in individual compartments to achieve arc containment to IEC61641.

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Installed and commissioned on site.

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Siemens Sivacon Brochure

Siemens Sivacon S4

  • Modular system for safe, end-to-end, cost-efficient power distribution up to 4,000 A 
  • System to create design-verified switchgear assemblies in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-2
  • Flexible application, thanks to a range of installation methods and variable accessories
  • Simplified installation and device connection makes assembly faster
Simaris Configuration tool Siemens Alpha Dist Board Video
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New Siemens 3WA Circuit Breaker

Using also used the latest new 3WA Air circuit breaker from SIEMENS. It can reliably protect electrical installations from damage caused by overloads , short circuits, ground and overload faults .
Siemens 3WA Overview

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