Alpha Drives WWTP SIEMENS Contol panel featuring S71500 with ET200-SP I/O cards & 2G/3G/4G Wireless GSM & SINAMICS G120X VSD’s optimized for the WWT industry . These VSD’s provide a de-ragging function to sustainably remove deposits and dirt from pump impellers. The pipe filling mode allows pipes to be gently filled at the beginning of the control process before going into closed-loop controlled operation. With the latest Siemens hardware you can vastly reduce your cyber security threats from hackers and malware to an IEC 62443 standard defending your facility against internal & external threats. Our Siemens Scalance units also provide easy remote access to your machines and plant.

Contact Alpha Drives on 057-8680800 and let us assist you with your next WWTP project.

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