Pressure controlled Pumps for Local Authority in the South of Ireland

A water supply system is required to give maximum availability, to ensure this, several pumps are cascaded. To cover variable water demand flexibly and at the same time cost-effectively, the obvious choice is a combination of variable and fixed-speed drives. While the fixed-speed pumps cater for the basic load, one pump regulates the variable peak demand.
As well as the automatic mode described above, it must also be possible to operate each pump manually. Intelligent combination of SINAMICS G120P variable-speed frequency inverter with SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starters using energy-efficient low-voltage motors operated at fixed speed enables energy savings of up to 65%.

The motors used are the high-efficiency IE3 which reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

Plant availability

  • Reduction in water hammer thanks to controlled start-up and power-down.
  • Longer runtimes of the motors and pumps through gentle operation.
  • If a pump fails, redundancy is provided in the pump system by switching, and high security of the supply is thus guaranteed