Alpha Drives designed and built a control system for the dairy industry, this system is used in a highly precise production line, and we selected the SIMATIC S7-1500 Advanced Controller in combination with the SINAMICS S120 for the highest performance.
For the Motors we selected 10 x SIMOTICS S-1FK7 servo motors matched with SIMOGEAR Gearboxes and we used 3 x SIMOTICS Synchronous reluctance Motors and SIMOGEAR Gearboxes. The SIMOTICS Synchronous reluctance was selected as we needed a wide speed range with varying loads.

This system will be fully commissioned by us and we will be working with machine builders to integrate all signals from the other parts of the process such as weighing, pumping and dosing to work together.

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SIMOTICS Synchronous reluctance Motors Benefits:

• Higher efficiency at the rated operating point than with comparable asynchronous motors in efficiency class IE4
• Much lower losses in the partial load range than with asynchronous motors
• Losses further reduced thanks to adjustment with field weakening even in the partial-load range
• Continuous operation over a speed control range of 1:10 possible without reducing torque
• Permanent overload capability of 20%
• Noticeable cost saving with no encoder or cabling
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