IE4 Energy Efficiency Up-grade of Fan Systems


We are in the process of completing a package for our customer which will improve the efficiency of their fans, reduce maintenance costs and improve up-time. We have been involved in this project right from the beginning, these fans were identified by the customer as high energy users, a quick look and we were in agreement that an upgrade of the DOL starters, controls and motors would yield good sayings and a study of the system over 12 months backed this up. So we opted for new damper controls and a new control panel with the SIEMENS SINAMICS G120X VSD and SIMOTICS IE4 Motors.
IE4 Super Premium efficient motors allow users to save more energy, lower their operating costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

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Siemens Sinasave

For a project like this, justification of energy savings was important. We used the SIEMENS #Sinasave tool to prove the savings and we then carried out a test by retrofitting one 75kw fan for 12 months where the savings were proved on site before we got the order for the next step.


The original fans were built in 1998 and were designed to run at a fixed speed with 100% flow with an inefficient damper control to reduce the flow, but the new system allows for better flow via the VSD’ and allows for operation at the perfect point saving energy in the process, reducing noise, reducing filter clogs and offering a more reliable fan.

With the European Green Deal, the EU is increasing its climate ambition and aims at becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Commission has therefore revised the Energy Efficiency Directive, together with other EU energy and climate rules, to ensure that the new 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emission by at least 55% (compared to 1990) can be met.

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Alpha Drives Ltd is helping achieve this aim, if you are interested in saying energy and helping to achieve the EU goal above give us a call at +353 578680800

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