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SIMOTICS SD Next Generation Goes Digital.

One of the key assets of the new SIMOTICS SD motor

series is its digitalization-readiness. This means that you

can connect this motor with your digital enterprise and

optimize your processes.

The compact and future-proof design is the next remarkable

benefit. Until now, added power density meant

added space requirements. Thanks to its smaller cover

size, this is a thing of the past.

Another important feature is the future-oriented energy

efficiency concept of the new motor generation. Because it

fulfils IE3 and even IE4 efficiency classes, the SIMOTICS SD

motors will literally boost your competitiveness due to

their significant advances in energy savings.


For high demands and tough challenges


Whether it’s dust loading, shock loads, or in the

aggressive environments of the petrochemical and

process industries – when the going gets tough,

the rugged SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty motors get going.

Distributed Inverters for SIMOGEAR Geared Motors

SINAMICS G110M – the distributed inverter mounted on a motor for conveyor applications in the field: The distributed SINAMICS G110M inverter belongs to the SINAMICS G series. This device has a high degree of protection (up to IP66), a modular design and can be mounted on SIMOGEAR geared motors.

With its high versatility, SINAMICS G110M sets itself apart as a result of the simple commissioning and highest degree of operator friendliness.

Coupled with SIMOGEAR gear units, the devices are pre-mounted and pre-commissioned.

G110M at a glance:

• Mounted on the motor or close to the motor with wall mounting kit

• Power, 0.37 – 4 kW

• Degree of protection up to IP66

• Safety function (STO), without requiring additional external components

• Integrated communication